Welcome to my NEW forum - I'm Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda C Ward

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Welcome to my NEW forum - I'm Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda C Ward Empty Welcome to my NEW forum - I'm Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda C Ward

Post by Admin on Fri May 04, 2018 10:09 am

Firstly welcome to my NEW forum: reiki-help.forumotion.com

This forum was created to help anyone with their Reiki practice. To provide answers to questions you may have. If you are also a Reiki Master or Grand Master, then please add your details into this section of the forum. I'm hoping that this forum becomes a place of support to those just starting out. A place for Master's or Grand Master's to assist others in need.

Please DON'T swear or offend anyone in this forum. Or you'll be removed from this forum.

About Me - Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda C Ward

I got started with Reiki in Oct. 2009. I got attuned to Usui Reiki Level 3 in the 1 day, by Master Lee. He was doing an offer at the time to attune anyone to level 3 for FREE, for a short time.

In Dec. 2009 I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3. This is just one of several health issues that I struggle with. I quickly purchased & received attunements to all 18 Usui Reiki levels. Once I was level 4 I started to create my own Reiki systems (freely available online). I also gained MANY other attunements over the years. I have multiple sites, such as www.cyberward.org & www.lyndacward.com. My Reiki based email address is: wardlynda@ymail.com.

The years 2014-2017 for me, especially were CRAZY. Due to my health issues, also Dad had Colon Cancer, Mum had Ischemic Colitis, I moved into a small flat of my own & I now have a PA (aka Carer).

Due to my lifelong health issues/disabilities I was unable to 'fly the nest' (move out of my parent's place till after they passed away). I saw what folks where truly like 24/7/365 days of the year. Mum was narcissistic for 20+ years. Dad was a part time narcissist. I became the Scapegoat, big time. As a result I've recently been diagnosed as having PTSD due to environment I was stuck in (see: http://ptsd-reiki.co.uk/). Mum passed away: April 10th 2016. Dad passed away: August 26th 2016.

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