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How to make: Infused Oils Empty How to make: Infused Oils

Post by Admin on Mon May 07, 2018 8:46 am

Want to make an infused oil, but not sure how/what time is involved etc?

I normally make infused oils for just external use using Baby Oil. If however you want to use internally, then you'd use i.e. Olive Oil as the carrier. Then you'd need your chosen herbs, dried or fresh. Get a glass jar to hold your infusion in for i.e. 2+ weeks. Have some form of i.e. dropper bottle at hand, you'll also need i.e. syringes (without needle). When making a decent amount, in a big enough jar, I put herbs in empty fillable tea bags. It just makes clean up easier.

Put your herbs in tea bags & tie up the ends to keep the herbs contained.
Sterilize a glass jar, rinse & dry.
Place tea bags of your herbs in glass jar.
Fill glass jar with your carrier oil.
Screw lid firmly in place & shake jar.
Store it somewhere out of direct sunlight.
Shake daily for as long as possible, ideally 2+ weeks.
Then strain - I use syringe to get infused oil into dropper bottles.

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