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How to make: Balms Empty How to make: Balms

Post by Admin on Mon May 07, 2018 8:54 am

Want to make balms, but never done it before?

Simply get/use:
Beeswax - I use pellets
Hot plate/Hob
Stainless steel jug or small coffee pot
Infused oil or i.e. cupcake flavouring
Coconut Oil
Balm pots

Get your jug on the hot plate.
Add just a little beeswax, allow to melt.
Add Coconut Oil (about 2-3 times more than beeswax amount).
Add either a little infused oil or flavouring of your choice.
Allow to completely melt.
Pour into your balm pots & leave to solidify, with lids off to start.
Then just clean up & your all done. When balms are solid, screw lids on balm pots.

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